Artist and a huge asshole.
Expect nothing less.

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It is my goal in life to hunt down every single person who ever voiced a character in a PS1 game and cast them to do voice work for my projects.





Just push play.

Please watch this video. It’s very important.

"Oh, hey, this is actually a topic I find really interOH.”

Oh my fucking god

Oh hey it’s this video!

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In case you’d ever wondered about the time John’s pillows turned into owls, here’s an excerpt from the March 27, 2012 episode of Roderick on the Line, Ep. 26: “Go Practice the Car”.

Roderick on the Line stitch

I don’t wanna draw cute girls.

I wanna draw grumpy old men.


i found this at a school i went to for a band related activity

How did you do in P.E. today ?

I’m going to go into your house, stick my dick in one of your electrical outlets, and blow out all your lights.

So not only will you have to deal with my dead body, you’ll also have to change all the lightbulbs in your house.

Haha fuck you asshole.


You gotta hear the new Smokey Joe & The Kid track. They even got Gift of Gab from the legendary Blackalious on it. Wow

Come to my blog because you think I draw,

Stay to watch me think I have good taste in music.