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I Belong In A Factory - Electric Six

Frontier Bound



And with this, I present my sfw blog designed entirely for the purpose of delivering art and information about my new project: Frontier Bound

Fuckin bear with me here..

Frontier Bound is an ambitious new webcomic project I’ve been chipping away at in secret. The general concept is to present a world devoid of human society, where clans of ground-dwelling birds now roam. I am speaking, of course, about chickens. A mix of cartoon fantasy and the harsh brutality of nature weave together this magical tale of honor, war, and survival.

Give it a look if that sort of thing interests you. I’ll try to update it as much as possible with art and story tidbits until things are ready to take off.

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Unique superimposed load ratchet fire pistol, early to mid 19th century.

From Rock Island Auctions:

Made by an unknown smith, this pistol started life as a single shot underhammer target pistol before being changed to it’s present configuration.  The original working guts of the pistol have been stripped, and a novel single trigger, mutli-hammer arrangement has been installed in its place.  A series of 4 percussion nipples have been installed on the upper left flat, each with a single hammer that is lifted and dropped in sequence, muzzle to breech, by a ratchet driven camshaft, which is moved by the spring loaded double action trigger.  In operation, four charges of powder and ball would be loaded, one atop another, and then (hopefully) fired one at a time.”

Estimated Value: $5,000 - $7,500

Chemical Church - Those Poor Bastards


Colt Boa

Colt’s legendary snake-named revolvers have been sought after collector’s items for decades. Although most people are familiar with the Python, King Cobra, and Anaconda, the Colt Boa is a very rare variant of the Python, using a different frame. Supposedly only 600 were ever made. This rather impressive example actually has a going bid of $9,000 but it has yet to hit the reserve price. (GRH)

Hey you know whats really fucking hot?

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I can’t wait for winter because that’s when all mosquitoes die and go to hell where they belong

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